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What are the roles and responsibilities of the DC?

From QBSI - The functions of the District Commissioner in a District are generally to be responsible to the Region Commissioner for the welfare, progress and training of the Movement’s Members and for the maintenance of the policy, organisation, and rules of the Association.

From September 2022, we welcomed Caitlyn "Fire Ant" Verbeek into the role of District Scout Leader.
Fire Ant is available for all Scout Section related matters:

Vacancies exist for District Section Leaders from Joeys to Venturers, and for a District Leader (Adult Training & Development).
To view the Duty Statement for each role, please click on the relevant image.

Whilst we are seeking volunteers for District Leader roles, it is not the intention of our District Commissioner to leave Sections or Groups short of qualified Leaders.
A robust conversation involving your Group Leader and the District Commissioner must come first!

Broadwater District

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